About the Company

Main activities of ALIT CONSTRUCTION GROUP s.r.o. are construction and re-construction of power plants, substations,  services for the supply of equipment for power companies.
We are dynamically developing team of professionals focused on the most effective and high-quality services providing. Modern methods of management and coordination of subdivisions are being introduced, considerable means are put into improving the construction technologies, and the latest techniques are used in the works.

Current projects (NPC “Ukrenergo” system):

Siemens: Station Telemetry System (STS) & SCADA/EMS/AGC

S/S 330kV “Kremenchuk”, S/S 330kV “Kharkivska”, S/S 330kV “Sumi”, S/S 330 kV “Zhytomyrska”

Commissioned substations (system NPC “Ukrenergo”):

S/S 750kV “Kyivska” S/S 220kV “Berezan”.

Solar&Wind Energy:

S/S 330kV “Sivash” (“Sivashenergoprom Ltd.”), 150kV overhead lines and S/S 330kV Nikopolska (“Solar Farm-1”).

Our main partners and suppliers: ABB, Siemens, Posco Daewoo Corporation, Omicron, HOROS, ALIT, Hyosung Corporation, SEL, Dalekovod d.d., Proenergy, Tyco Electronics, Elmico, Azenco, General Electric.
Our main goal is to give people energy and warmth for a comfortable life. Provide the opportunity to realize your dreams.